Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A little bit of...

In an effort to get back into writing on my blog I am doing this tagged blog, which may seem unoriginal, but...especially before the actual Valentine's day is upon me (I've already started all the prep work for it weeks ago), I intend to write several small, simple blogs updating on my life. we go!

4 Shows I Watch:

* Lie to Me
* Psych
* The Bachelor
* Bones

4 Things I am Passionate about:

* Being your best self
* Fashion
* Libraries/Books/Bookstores
* Family/Friends

4 Phrases I say a lot:
* Absolutely...
* Period. The End.
* And that's how it's done...
* Yeah!

4 Things I have learned from the past:

* Always, always forgive-grudges and hurt feelings only hurt you if you hold on to them
* Good work ethic will take you further than anything else
* Laugh, really hard, at least 3 times a day...seriously....
* Never measure yourself against another persons strengths and never measure someone by their weaknesses

4 Things I did Yesterday:
* Dinner group with Andrew, Jeffrey, & Aaron
* Worked at the good ole Flower Patch
* Ok...I'm cheating cuz I did this Monday-spray painted shirts with Mills and the girls for her birthday-I love mine!!!!
* Spent time with Danielle

4 Places I would love to visit:
*Hawaii-it's happening this summer-for reals-if I do nothing else this summer, I will do that!
* Australia-I miss it and my Jess (need to see her 2 beautiful little girls!)
* D.C.-I think people underestimate my absolute love for that city!
* Greece/Italy-I can't separate my longing for the two and seeing the sights/architecture

4 Things I am looking forward to:

* Having a successful Valentine's Day at work-and a really long nap afterwards...
* Checking off all of my New Year's Resolutions
* Having a family
* Reed and Meggie having their baby-I'm so excited for you guys!

4 Things I love about Winter:
* Christmas Music
* Getting to go home for a visit
* Season of good movies!
* Waiting for summer

4 People to Tag:
* Rebecca/Carly/Jenna/Shane/Cassie Frazier
* Katy Worsley/Raegan Nelson
* Emily/Liz/Marci/Sac/Linx/Chelsea/Lindsay
* Caroline Orien/Danielle Magelby
(ok-I really cheated on that one, too-I'd be in even more trouble if more of my close friends or family had regular blogs)

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