Tuesday, July 13, 2010

24/7. 3-6-5!

So close to being my birthday again! 2:49 a.m. July 14,1986. I have so many things to be happy about this birthday! I am going to miss being with my family, like usual, but I am so happy Carly will be here. Also, with my birthday being right in the middle of the summer, it is rare for many people to be around. My friends have been all over this summer (Europe, California, Idaho, Colorado, Arizona, and all their homes etc) but I am so glad so many will be around tomorrow. We'll see what the day brings! Raegan was already nice enough to give me an early bday present and went behind my back and switched around the schedule at work to where I don't have to be there all day-really excited! I have some planned skype time with the fam to open my presents that arrived a few days ago, all wrapped, ready to go, and tempting me. Dinner plans to be announced in full detail tomorrow and maybe something for the weekend-we'll see