Sunday, August 29, 2010

Start of Something New

Ok-so though I may no longer be in school, I still use it as a marker in my year.
1. It is the time I have to realize that my friends can't just play whenever I get off work.
2. During finals it's the time I wonder I have any friends at all.
3. It's the time I realize I am and forever will be sorry for ever going to a school dance because things like Homecoming and Prom take over my life and I don't even get to dress up for it.
4. It's the time Provo goes crazy again (I like it during Spring/Summer because there are less students).
5. It's one of the times I really miss my parents (My mom would always write us this back to school note that encouraged us for the year and focused on our strengths and abilities and my dad would give us a blessing with the same motivation of the note in mind)
6. It's the time I really really wish I could get new school clothes....I remember this happening every year but I guess then I was waiting all year for it whereas I go on little shopping sprees year round now----yes Carly & Jenna---little ones!
7. It's the time, like New Year's, where I renew big goals...Andrew and I brainstormed on several this week and I decided my big two for this year are going to be....dah dah dah dah...learn to ski & renew my piano skills.I have had access to both for years but have yet to take advantage of the "Best Snow on Earth," and during my last move to UAC, lost the power cord that connects my keyboard but after realizing that my skills are quickly fading, I have decided to start back at it...get ready roommates (although Marci independently requested that I get a chord as well).