Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Visitor

Guess who is coming this week!!!!!!!!!!! Bah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perfectly timed with Boston Fall and it's Beautiful Perfection!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Ok, clearly it has been some time since my last post...I'm sorry, I've been having a little too much fun! Here's what you've missed since I moved away from Provo...

1. I started another blog for past roommates, some friends, and my sisters to keep us all in touch-it's kind of cute and I'm really proud of the title-it really fits us

2. I spent about a month in transit from Utah to's what that consisted of...
-Carly & Dede helping me on the drive from Provo to St. Louis-Carly was the moral support/DJ/chef/talent since she can't drive a manual...
-Spent a few days around there to show Deeds around my hometown: Zoo, Ted Drewes, Science Center, steak dinner with Pompa & Grandma Jo, shopping...duh, the Arch, and...yeah...I think that's all
-Met up with the Fam in Nashville and spent some time there-Deeds and I tracked down Dolly Parton's house for her mom, good quality pizza, crafting, church and Sweet Cece's time with the Hissongs, Opryland Hotel, shopping (again on Franklin square), picture time with Mama Frazier for Deeds, good food and movie time in the apartment there...p.s. I think Dede fell in love with ourdogs...seriously, so funny to watch
(side note: I was actually concerned that I was losing Dede to my joke...I would watch them andthey seemed like they were already best friends-fortunately it is only more of a testimony to me how great my mom and Dede are! Very entertaining!)

-Spent just over a week in Memphis & LOVED it! It's been a while since I've been to my "other home." That involved time with Blake and his friends, pick ups and school stuff with TJ, movie & laugh time with the whole family after Laury would come home from work, lunch with Reed and Meggie, talk time with Meggie, lots of play time with Sage (she is so freakinggggggg cute!), tv and talk time with Allie Beth, errands, dog time, craft time, bake time, talk time, lunch time, shopping time, drink time, laugh time and lots more with Jonsi! I also got to see my dad's family one day, and spent some time with Janiel, Jackson, Kathy and Mike. Jackson was at practice for a tournament he was going to be in that weekend for karate and it was so fun to watch him. He's growing up so fast!
-Went back to St. Louis from there and spent time at home with my Mom getting lost one day in Queeny park, shopping (ok, maybe Carly and Jenna are right about me having a slight, I don't it was for my birthday!), taking pictures, going to Cassie Lou's volleyball games, playing Mommy for a few days while my mom drove to Nashville to pick up my dad post ACL surgery to bring him home, painting Pompa & Grandma Jo's bathroom, The Missouri Botanical Gardens (one of my favorite places in the world!)
Disclaimer: I know I have forgotten things because it was a very busy, but relaxing month of vacation
-Labor Day weekend I started my trek: In order to alleviate my mother's fears of driving on the busiest driving weekend of the year, I broke up the trip to see people I loved along the way...again, the Hissongs-Stacey set me up very well for snacks along the way! After a night in Nashville, I got to spend almost a full day with Lizzi in D.C. We took the train to Georgetown, another one of myfavorite places, went to a famous cupcake place, walked around, and headed back so I could get on the road again.
3. And finally...30 days after leaving Provo, I made it to Boston! That has consisted of...
-Living in Kathleen's childhood home with her family (Mark, Nancy, & Jackson-they are wonderful)
-Looking for jobs and apartments...realized we need stable jobs before we are EVER going to be able to afford an apartment downtown
-In the mean time, we commute downtown to 1 of 4 single's wards in the Boston area
-I have interviewed at a few places: job offer at J. Crew (have not started yet), interview set up for running Gymboree store, interview at Winston's flowers which was followed the next week by a two day trial that I am waiting to hear the verdict on (another side note: this was very intense! The set up of this company is incredible, totally different than what I'm used to, but they have a million resources, an amazing clientele, a Garden Design team where I could use some of my schooling, very highstyle, rich and the famous style and I LOVED IT!)
-I have been doing lots of babysitting, which we all know I love!
-Cheers appreciation time-I have always loved that show, but now that I'm in the city where the bar is, I fully plan on visiting, in the mean time, I've been watching it on Netflix
-Red Sox game, played host at home for a wine tasting party (very fancy!), Colbie Calliat and Andy Grammer concert at The House of Blues...

Seriously, I have been sooo busy...and I don't even have a full time job yet...still hunting for an apartment, but I think we found one that would be really close to work for Kath and me! Wish me luck as the final pieces of the puzzle start falling in to place.

I really feel like that was a lot of word vomiting and I know I missed some things I've done...I'll keep everyone posted, though!