Monday, January 24, 2011

Dani Jane

Today is dedicated to one of my very best friends...Miss Danielle Jane Magleby. This is going to be like a Thanksgiving post because on today, her birthday, I think it only appropriate to go through some of our ridiculous and wonderful memories and all of the things I love about her, even though there are too many to name.

She is/has...

1. One of the most caring hearts of anyone I have ever met
2. Totally addicted to Sonic
3. Loves loves loves Vera Bradley
4. Great taste in perfume (and even lets me steal her scents and make them my own)
5. A great sister and friend and friend to my sisters
6. Always up for dressing up and going out-only my favorite thing!
7. Wakes up in the middle of the night to take me to the E.R. :)
8. Always says she loves me most...even though I love her more
9. Is so much fun to dance with!!!!!!!!
10. Singing in the car-we have been caught on many occasions and yet we go on, not caring, singing at the top of our lungs to brighten a gloomy day, to end a trip right, or just because we love to do it.

I love you Dani Jane!

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