Monday, May 10, 2010

Return to Me

So...much time has passed since my last blog. My favorite posts to read are flashbacks so I'm going to write one. It occurred to me the other day that I have now lived in Provo longer than most places in my life. Kind of a scary thought. However...looking back, I wouldn't change a second of it. Lots of experiences-some good, some bad-but all worth it. As I am trying to figure out exactly how to live out my life's dream and figuring out how to get there, I've had the chance to look back on how great time has been here. (I'm taking the GRE in a month & hopefully going to do architecture so I can do a complete project-design the building, decorate the inside, and design the landscaping as well!) My life is pretty dang great! So here's a little snip-it of my life in the last 5 years...
1.AMAZING Freshman year-came out not expecting anything and starting off new and making some amazing friends, had an amazing roommate
-Highlights: getting mono(insert very sarcastic tone), MANY volleyball games, getting to see Reed off at the MTC with Mom & Joni, climbing trees for the 1st time!

2. Sophomore year: not so hot-almost didn't come back-not the greatest year of my life-lost most of my boys to missions (obviously okay but i didn't like getting left behind)
-Highlights: Sixin'it up, home for Lake of the Ozarks, amazing experience at G. Conference

3. Junior year: spur of the moment decision to come back to Utah-best decision yet! Loved my roommates (Chelsea, Caroline, Whitney) and started to figure out what I wanted to do with my life
-Highlights: The Holiday (every few days with Chelsea), "Parties," Job at the Flower Patch, late night food runs + temple stops, introduction to the NBA (always loved college basketball but thought the NBA were sell-outs with no heart: The Suns changed that for me), summer dinner group (Chelsea, Lindsay, Liz, Whitney), Floral Design with Lara, 1st full summer away from home :(, tonsils removed, D.C. vacation
4. Senior year: Added on a 2nd school interest (landscape design) and wrapping up school with a full load for 4 semester
s in a row-i was very tired but very happy to be done at the end
-Highlights: Time with the E-Z girls, time with Reed, Chelsea's wedding/roadtrip, 1st speeding ticket ever, Journey concert, Summer of Meggie, Reed/Meggie's wedding, graduation (the whole family + Ben) came, St. George with the McArthurs, MEXICO CRUISE!
5. 1 year later: Being the manager at the Flower Patch and taking lots of time to play has left so many highlights but a few would be...VP 9 and my disappearing act from time to time (Cody & Liz being my parents & scolding me for it & Kandis making late night calls), game nights, St. Louis time (not time in STL but time with my boys!),lots of concerts, lots of trips, my MINI, little trips home more often, not V-day, Mothers Day, or Christmas really with work and how it keeps me up to my eyeballs in flowers, visits from Carly & Jenna, Skype, beautiful new computer, building my library, lots of time at Barnes& Noble, Mexi Tues, AZIAN weds, 'merican Thurs,
Casino night, hot springs (death march)

...honestly, those only touch the surface and have no details at all but I am so glad i decided to brave it and come to Utah, despite never having had the desire to be here-I love my life and can't wait to move on to the next part!


  1. That Journey Concert was so fun! Remember how we were sceptical that the new singer would suck and then he didn't at all. That was a very fun summer!! I miss visiting you at the patch and bringing yogurts from yoasis!

  2. yay for sixin' it up! i loved living with you!

  3. sounds like the past few years have been filled with lots of adventures, wonderful people =), and lots of happiness!
    Love you and loved the time we got to live together!