Thursday, March 25, 2010

Peter Pan

As said before, and I hope to say many more times-this year has been so much fun! I can't believe it's already March! I'm looking back and trying to figure out what I've been doing with all my time. I work a lot and I go to the gym and...I'm going on a lot of little mini trips and having soooo much fun with my friends and family. The Vegas trip was great! Some highlights...The McArthurs in St. George totally treating Liz, Emily, Linx, and myself like queens. They had a full feast prepared when we got there the first night and it was so good for me to be able to see them and catch up with them. Sarah drew us some great pictures in church on Sunday which are definitely kept in a safe spot for forever! In Vegas we rode all the roller coasters on the top of the Stratosphere, which was great! And we did work shopping there! I was the designated quote keeper-this picture had to be included because Emily was the main contributor-some of those gems were...
"I wombed you..."
"Liz...what if the toothbrush is in Kahoots with that thing...?"
"Who is Lady Gaga...?"
"Invert Sugar= 1/sugar"
Mostly this picture captures the best part-her constant mocking of the crazy men who stand on the side of the road and hit their lil flyers trying to get you to take one of their trashy lil papes.

However, recently I got to take a little trip home. I was so overdue for a visit and loved every minute I was at home. My little gems included...
-Seeing the Hissongs:It was great to be able to see them after so many years and spend some time with friends that you can laugh that hard with.
-Nauvoo: I haven't been since I graduated and Fran had never been so it was really good to be able to go and see the sights and do some family baptisms at the temple there.
-The Massimini's- They are such good friends of the family-I'd like to be selfish and claim them for myself but they have become a part of what I look forward to when I'm home. Laughing about how Shane truly has a brother in Brian (& having our own personal chiropractor), spending time with Whitney who ALWAYS listens, is a true friend, and just fun to be around. And the kids!!!! Chloe and I had a lot of fun drawing in church on Sunday and listening to her sing her Disney songs. Playing with Henry & having him come to the door Sunday night after they had left for an extra hug. Getting to take care of Leah during Sunday School (happiest baby ever!)
-Cribbage-even though I lost this trip (which is such a rare occurrence), I love looking forward to that one on one time with my mom. I don't think our level of competition has ever gone down from those first games of slug bug in high school.
-Seeing a new side of Jenna that is not new at all but just took the right boy to bring it out in her-I love Fran because he makes my lil sister so happy!
-Sunday dinner with Pompa & Grandma-I am convinced I have the most loving, adoring grandparents known. I love Pompa's jokes and maybe use them later and being able to look at Grandma and see how serious he actually is. Mostly they just make me feel 100% loved!
-Lunch with Daddy
at The Bristol: One on one time with him is kinda rare so I love that I got to have a lunch date with him. It was really good to have time to just talk. I feel like he and I have such similar personalities & temperaments. It's probably why in his Sunday school lesson he told the ward I was the favorite in my family (cuz in looks and personality we are so similar which obviously means I'm my Mom's favorite too!)
-Cassie is always sooooo sweet and I was really lucky for her to be my buddy in Nauvoo and really all weekend long. She sat next to me at Alice In Wonderland and makes sure I am always taken care of!
-Shane-man is always my buddy. He did really well helping me stay awake as I tried to drive home from Nauvoo, took my teasing as Cassie and I blasted his favorite singer (Justin Beiber-haha), chats basketball with me constantly, and likes to remind me on a regular basis that my "little" brother is in fact much bigger than me & I just hope I won't always lose right now we're matched evenly in our wrestling struggles....
There are so many other little things about my home that make it the trip I always look forward to and make me want to turn the plane around as soon as we get in the air and never be a grown up again. But...I have made my home here and am so lucky to have 2 homes with people that love me in both places. I do wish for the days when I was a little kid and it wasn't so complicated and I could have a little more freedom doing what I want, when I want and not have the complex thought of constantly wanting to be in two places at once. No Hannah Montana life for me with the best of both worlds BUT... "To live will be an awfully big adventure."

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  1. I feel real happy about winning in cribbage this trip! and although I will not ever say that you are definitely my favorite I think you have very good reasoning skills. MWAH, my pretty Chel. I love you so much.