Saturday, January 16, 2010

Something random this way comes...

Ok-so I have been very excited to start this blog ever since my first post. However, with the other blogs I follow, I feel like I have to wait for a miraculous occurrence, a funny story, or just something crazy random to happen to me. Thus why I have been putting off my next entry. I feel like my life is pretty average. I wake up, go to work, come home, go to the gym, hang out with friends, and anything else random that comes my way...not too much variation, but this week in review I realize that I had quite the week.

Sunday...I helped Jenna pack 2 VERY large suitcases, loaded up a storage unit and made our way back to good old Provo. We, as we usually do when we are together, had to watch The Burbs starring Tom Hanks. Jenna and I love this movie. It makes us laugh no matter how many times we've seen it. In fact my silent/smoker laugh is usually involved because I am laughing just that hard.

Monday...I had to go into work for a little while to take care of the usual Monday madness with money, paperwork, scheduling, ordering and such. After Jenna and I headed up to Salt Lake...she left me :( but we did drop off her bags extra early so there would be less stress when I dropped her off and more time to play. After, as I love to do when I am in the area, I stopped in and saw Gentry and we had a little Cheesecake Factory and Fashion Place date. She definitely helped lift my spirits with Jenna leaving. I realize more and more how alike she and I are-just a East Coast/West Coast version of each other. as usual...not too much variation there but I got to make not only one, but two trips to Barnes & Noble. Bookstores have ALWAYS been one of my favorite places to go and just browse, read, and relax for a little while. And, yes Carly, I have switched from the Borders team to Barnes.

Wednesday...I kind of felt like I was all over the place. Everyone around me seems to be getting sick this week so I took some time and slept in and then headed into work. The shortened day there was very nice because I know the madness of Valentine's is soon to come in full swing. I've already started the prep work and have several meetings and a lot of hours to go before that goes down, but it's a good kind of craziness that gets our business through the year. After work, went to dinner and went and saw Avatar with Jeffrey...excellent, crazy, totally new concept of a movie! Then, I went over to have a sleepover with Liz for the events of the next day.

Thursday...went to Spanish Fork for Habitat for Humanity. Liz and I helped build a house! It was very very cool. I got to do some framing work-which involved several different kinds of saws (apparently, according to Liz, I almost cut off my fingers with one of them), a router, nail (not staple) gun and yeah...I plan to do this weekly as soon as I get through the Valentine's Day rush. I was covered in sawdust and had to go into work as such, but I loved every second of it! It was followed by the first week of American Thursday. It has been a tradition among our group of friends to go to dinner, with a different country's theme. We've hit Mexican and Asian foods the last two semesters and now on to American (full of burgers, barbeque, and such...) Also had some good quality time with Emily and SAC with a drama in our TV time., dinner with Andrew & Lara, good nap, frozen yogurt, and another glorious trip to Barnes & Noble. Watched Angels & Demons with the crew, came back home, dove back into my book until it was too difficult to keep my eyes open.

Saturday...I woke up early in excitement for my book (I'm happy to consider myself a nerd for this fact). I love all sorts of books: one of the reasons I was most excited to graduate was because I was going to get to read whatever I wanted: spiritual, fiction, nonfiction, yadda yadda yadda. Read in bed til lunch time. After lunch: one of the highlights of my week-Andrew and Jeffrey are coaching a 5th grade boys basketball team. They looked so professional-I was so proud of my guys in full suits and the perfect coaches for these kids. They had an excellent game and won! We brought drinks and fruit snacks-pretty sure they love us! Rest of the night-housewarming party at Cory's house and whatever else.

Week in review: I need to write on this blog no matter what, need to get a camera so I can illustrate my life here, and need to thank Heavenly Father every day for the random things in my life that make up my routine, that make me happy, that make me feel part of something, make me know that even though my family is far away that they love me, and make me realize, despite the "average" appearance-I am having the time of my life!


  1. I got so excited when I saw you had posted something again because I love the way you express yourself. I think your life sounds like a blast and I can't wait to come see you and spend time BEATING you in cribbage!

  2. AH HAHAHAHA. I knew you'd see that Barnes is better. It was just a matter of time! Now we can play there together in perfect harmony!