Monday, January 25, 2010

Envy of Audrey

I remember the first time I ever watched My Fair Lady, which is still one of my favorite movies/musicals to this day. We were visiting Grandma Jo and Pompa in St. Louis and I remember thinking how absolutely beautiful Audrey Hepburn was. I wanted to look, sing, act, walk and do everything as she did. She started out a little rough on the edges, but I remember thinking, even then, how beautiful she was then as that humble little flower girl and how she aspired simply to speak a little more "genteele" so she could work in a flower shop.

So the time has come and Valentine's Day is coming quickly. Work has already started ruling my days and nights once again. From the very important to the very mundane tasks-it's time. Pre-cutting ribbon, ordering hundreds & hundreds of vases, stapling packets, pre-booking all the flowers, deciding how many of each arrangement to make, deciding which designers are going to do what, cleaning the store from top to bottom, organizing the upstairs we never use to accommodate for all the room we need, hiring temps, scheduling, greening, flowering, thinking of when I am going to be able to sleep, eat, breathe, relax, work-out, or just have a life in general.

And then I step back and realize: the preparation for all of this is going to be worth it. The next 2 weeks are going to come and go before I know it and I'll be done with the madness for a short while. The stores will be happy again after this slow time in the economy. Valentine's is my Christmas-it's busy but it gets me through the year. And I have to just keep remembering, it's all going to be over soon and it'll all be worth it. I love my job and why not?!?! After all, who wouldn't want to be the envy of Audrey.


  1. YOu are the most classy flower girl I kNow!!!

  2. You're much much preeeetier than her. And much better with flowers :)