Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

It has been a month and I feel I should be recovered from the holiday at this point and have been putting this off far too long. I made a trip to Vegas/St. George with the girls, which deserves its own post and will come soon, but during the trip I encountered many things that made me reflect on the things that I just absolutely love! Some of them were not encountered, but just reflected on or discussed. They may be random and my reasoning may be weird but hey...can't help what you love, right?!?!

1. Roller coasters-I love the thrill! Most of all though, I've discovered, I'm not a screamer at all. All I can do is laugh... hysterically! (which may be the reason I love them-because laughing would be another love on this list).

2. Car washes-I can pretty much guarantee that my car will always be clean because of this factor. I know, because of my very loving, car-savvy Grandpa (Pompa), that automated car washes just simply cannot get the job done. They just can't get that sparkle that you need. However, this winter, I have resorted to them to make sure that the snow and salt and dust and pollution that are so prevalent this winter in happy valley stay off my car on a very regular basis. These have become therapeutic for me. Turn the music off, the air all the way down and listen to the water on my cute lil' car. My own personal rainstorm.

3. Books! - I can't even describe to you my love to read. Barnes and Noble is obviously, as said in previous blogs, an escape/safe place for me but in the end, has nothing to do with the place and everything to do with its contents. A good solid, moving story has been harder for me to find recently so I am revisiting the classics and stocking up my own personal library of hard cover classics. Right now I am rereading To Kill A Mockingbird (my absolute favorite) and as I read each phrase and follow the story, I cannot help but saying (in my head or sometimes out loud to an unsuspecting group) how much I love this book. There is nothing more beautiful than when the words literally weave a picture of a story that you seem to be a part of-physically and emotionally. And this book is an amazing story to be a part so engrossed in.

4. Music- This category has so many subcategories that I just need to keep it simple. Chill music when I'm getting ready, pump up music when I work out, soft music as I go to bed, singing music so I can belt it in the car (that came from you Mommy), instrumental music when I just need to reflect or regroup and many more. I used to cringe when people asked my favorite type of music, my favorite group, my favorite song-I still feel like I don't have most of those answers because when there is so much to love and so many occasions to listen to each. However, my favorite song of all time is Moon River. I like all versions but prefer the simple beauty of Audrey Hepburn's version. If I had to listen to one artist for the rest of time...that is so so hard for me but I truly think I'd choose Jason Mraz. His music fits into all of the above categories for me and there's something about it that is sooo good to me.

5. Dressing up- Here, sometimes, I have a problem. I am actually maybe a little bit crazy about always leaving the house in a presentable fashion, but hey, I'm from the good part of the south, where all that southern belle stuff is truly a part of who I am. However, I work at a job that tends to ruin clothes with pollen stains, dirt, chemicals, heels get scuffed and scratched and dresses are not always a good idea when going in and out of a very large cooler. But...I do it anyways and love any occasion and try to create occasions where dressing up is involved.

So...it is late and one thing I DO NOT love is waking up as early as I do every morning so, I'm going to go to bed. And more of my favorite things for another day....


  1. the to kill a mockingbird thing is true. i heard you say it at least once on the trip and at least once before we left. :) i will need to read it sometime soon. i remember nothing about it when i read it in school...don't be offended by that. my memory does not really last for any book. we are very "in the moment", the written word and i.

  2. you have to know that one of my favorite things is YOU!!!! and as I read your list you and me must be related or sumthin. I think you might add to your list the need to decorate or design....aka ...moving furniture around in the same room on a regular basis. MWAH!

  3. I also love a good roller coaster. It's one of my favorite things to do. I'm glad I found your bloggie. I sure miss you so much!!!