Friday, September 2, 2011


Already shared this with Liz...but almost 2 years later-it happened. Huge lightbulb, huge revelation...remember that one time Lowell told me I looked like a mix of Princess Di and Fergie and I was slightly flattered, slightly insulted, slightly confused as to why he would know what Fergie looked like and how you could ever combine her with Princess Di---well this may be obvious to people reading this, but I am happy to declare with all the hype that has continued from the royal wedding, that I figured it out! Fergie a.k.a Sarah Ferguson-a.k.a. previous princess, past sister-in-law of Diana, actual redhead, and despite all her drama now...actually pretty back in her world makes sense again.


  1. It's Loel, just fyi. (you can delete this if you want after you see it)
    Congratulations again on this one!!!

  2. haha this is great. as is that creepy yzma woman in the foreground of the picture