Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You're the inspiration

So, the girls (Deeds, SJ, Mills, Jenn) and I have been working on this mini summer project. I am about half way done (just have to put it together but I gots the info) but it has made me reflect on absolute musical genius...or lack thereof. The project lets us choose 30 artists and then select our favorite phrase-whether for sentimental reasons, inspirational motivation, pure enjoyment, or guilty pleasure. I am loving it! I get to go through some of the songs I love the most and really pin down why I love them. Some are from my childhood, some remind me of friends who first introduced them to me, some pinpoint a very specific memory, some are my favorite artists, some just have some of the most poetic lyrics. You want a sampling...ok! Kind of sums me up in a funny way about all of my interests, loves, and thoughts!

1. Natascha Beddingfield (Strip Me) If you strip me, strip it all away...I'm still the same.
2. James Morrison (Please Don't Stop the Rain) I can be your shelter til its done, we can make this last forever so please don't stop the rain
3. Usher (Something Special) I'm so proud of how you represent me baby, Better rock in the money Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli or Gucci Girl
4. Jason Mraz (1000 Things) Well I've seen a 1000 things in one place but I stopped my counting when I saw your face...now suddenly the 1000 things I've seen were nothing more than dreams of you and me
5. Benton Paul (Run) Breaking the barrier of common yesterday, not looking back
6. Chris Brown (Dueces) I know you mad but so what, I wish you best of luck, and now I'm bout to throw those dueces up!

Put it all together and it's gonna be awesome!!!!!!!! If you see the final project, it's all gonna make sense.
P.S. Evidence that my life has been insane-I started this post 3 weeks ago...just now finishing it...I know...what else is new?

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